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About Ameramaid

Ameramaid Cookware is made with pride and care in the U.S.A. Each piece is carefully inspected to bring you the highest quality cookware possible. Ameramaid Cookware is the newest line designed and engineered by the West Bend Company. Celebrating their 95th anniversary in 2006, the West Bend Company continues its legacy of excellence in cookware-making by manufacturing cookware to better the health and wellness of consumers.

Ameramaid Cookware's unique design allows food to be prepared in a healthy and delicious way.

Waterless - Cooking without water lets food cook to its highest potential, flavor, and color.

Greasless - The non-stick high quality stainless steel allows you to eliminate having to use bad fats in your diet. On the contrary, it gives the option to eliminate these oils released from meats when cooking the greasless Ameramaid way.

Unique Design-Ameramaid  is engineered and created with a special 5 layer construction which offers the convenience of baking right on top of the stove. Imagine baking all your favorite cakes in half the time and half the heat.

High Grade  T-304 Stainless Steel - Because Ameramaid is constructed of such high quality material, it will not release metal flavor when cooking.

This saves you time and money!